GovTribe has two categories of opportunities:

Federal Contract Opportunities

Federal Contract Opportunities on GovTribe are sourced primarily from the Federal Business Opportunities website,, which we mine in real time so we are constantly up to date. 

FBO itself has multiple "feeder sites" - agency-specific procurement sites that cross-post to FBO. This includes the VA procurement site, the Navy's procurement site NECO, the Defense Logistics Agency's DIBBS website, the reverse auction website FedBid, and several others. When pulling and updating opportunities from FBO, GovTribe also reaches back to the original source websites for files and updates that may not be pushed to FBO. So tracking opportunities on GovTribe will often provide more complete information than FBO itself.

There are some kinds of Federal Contract Opportunities that GovTribe is not able to post. These are generally any opportunities that are being bid on limited competition multiple award vehicles. For example, GSA Schedule opportunities cannot be found on GovTribe. This is because the GSA has a private portal available only to GSA schedule contract holders - GSA eBuy - and specifically disallows companies like GovTribe to mine and re-post that information. 

Many GWACS (governmentwide acquisition vehicles) or large IDIQ (indefinite delivery indefinite quantity) contracts also have private portals with similar restrictions. Procurements under the GWACs Alliant 2 and 8(a) STARS 2 are also run through eBuy. The Navy's Seaport-e IDIQ has it's own private acquisition portal with similar restrictions on reposting solicitation information.

It is also important to understand that a large number of smaller multiple award IDIQ contracts do not post public solicitations at all. Procurements under IDIQs like Homeland Security's Eagle II are executed by government contracting personnel emailing solicitation documents directly to contract-holders. So it is not possible for GovTribe to acquire and repost those.

Please note that GovTribe DOES have the award and spending information for all federal contracts, regardless of the procurement process. That information can be found under the Award search section on GovTribe.

Federal Grant Opportunities

The Federal Grant Opportunity data on GovTribe is much more straightforward. We acquire that information from a single source - This data is acquired daily, every day at 6:00 AM Eastern time.

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