Unlike other tools in this space, GovTribe is not just a standalone market research tool. It is a collaborative platform for teams that is integrated seamlessly with federal contract and grant opportunity and award data. 

This site enables you to not only track opportunities and research the market, but to set up a business development pipeline, coordinate with your team on writing and reviewing bid proposals, assign and track the completion of tasks, manage version control on documents, and share market information. All in real time.

For many companies, the array of federal business development activities are split among a half dozen tools or databases, and communication is relegated to email chains. By consolidating all of that content and communication into one platform - and a platform that ALSO has all of the relevant opportunity and market data from the government - can be a powerful boost to productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness in the BD process.

That is why all GovTribe free trial accounts allow you to collaborate with up to 10 users. So you can assess the value of real-time, in context collaboration on federal business development.

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