Pipeline and Pursuit Notifications

A written walkthrough with screenshots is below.

To create a Pipeline, first select the Pipelines menu item under My GovTribe in the side menu.

On the Pipelines page, click the Add Pipeline button to the right of the search bar. 

In the pop up modal that appears, fill out the requested information. At a minimum, you need to enter a name for the Pipeline, but you can also enter a description and select a color mask to help distinguish your Pipelines from one another.

You then have two options for setting your Pipeline stage structure. Select Stages to manually input the number of stages. You can then customize the names after the Pipeline is created. 

If you select Template, you are presented with a carousel of Pipeline templates from which you can choose. Pipeline templates have a pre-set number of stages with stage names and descriptions.

Once your Pipeline is created, you can use the drop down arrow button on any Stage to edit the properties of that stage, to add or delete stages, or to sort the contents of the stage.

NOTE: Pipeline Triage 

Note that a Triage stage exists on all Pipelines by default. 

When visible, Triage is always shown as the first, far left stage. You are able to hide the Triage stage, if you wish, by clicking the Hide Triage button at the top of your Pipeline. The Triage button also displays the number of Pursuits that are currently in Triage.

The purpose of Triage is to serve as a staging ground for all newly identified opportunities. Having a Triage stage allows you to add new opportunities to a Pipeline in one click. To learn more about Triage, please review the help article about it. 

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