Individuals and companies use GovTribe in a variety of ways. Your use of the platform may vary depending on a number factors, but in this article I want to highlight the things you can do that will best demonstrate the site's major features.

Invite Your Colleagues to Collaborate

Your 14 day free trial is on GovTribe's Standard Plan, which allows you to collaborate with up to 10 users. To try the team sharing features on GovTribe, go ahead and invite some of your colleagues to participate in the trial with you.

Once you are logged in to GovTribe, go to Settings → Account in the top right menu.

On the Account page, scroll down to the section titled Manage Users and click the green Invite User button. 

A pop-up dialog box will appear that allows you to enter in the name and email address of the person you would like to add. Fill in that information and click Invite User.

Customize your Dashboard

The first thing you see after logging into your account is your Dashboard. From your Dashboard, you are able to quickly see what you and your team are working on - what your Pipeline looks like, a list of open Tasks, and a list of Pursuits that are due soon. 

You can also quickly see some industry stats for your company, like a list of active contracts that are soon expiring. 

Add Your Favorites

You're probably familiar with the heart icon as a shortcut for favoriting. It means the same on GovTribe. 

This button appears on every NAICS Category, PSC Category, Agency, Vendor, Person, Vehicle, and Grant Program page on the site. Use the Favorite button to indicate preferred NAICS codes, target Agencies, any contracting vehicles you are on, or any contracting officers that you work with. 

And once something is favorited you are able to quickly add it to your filters when conducting any search.

Search for Opportunities

Chances are, if you are on GovTribe you are interested in learning about or bidding on federal contract (or grant) opportunities. GovTribe makes searching for opportunities very easy. 

To start, select one of the two menu options under Opportunities - either contracts or grants:

On the search page, you are presented with a side bar of various filters you can use to narrow your search. This includes filtering by federal agency, NAICS category, posting date or response due date, set-aside, and many more.

You can also add a keyword search (or a solicitation number) in the main search bar at the top of the page. Use quotes for an exact phrase search.

Set a Saved Search

The Saved Search feature is a the natural extension to GovTribe's opportunity search, and it is very easy to do. Once you have constructed a search on one of the opportunity search pages, simply click the Save icon. 

You will given the opportunity to name your Saved Search and set your email notification preferences. 

Create a Pipeline

Pipelines on GovTribe are customizable workflow tools that you can use to collaboratively manage your business development activities with a team. Business development activities can include opportunity identification, opportunity research, proposal development, proposal review, and projections reporting.

To create a Pipeline, first select the Pipelines menu item under My GovTribe in the side menu.

On the Pipelines page, click the Add Pipeline button to the right of the search bar. 

Fill out the information in the pop-up box to complete the process.

Add Pursuits to a Pipeline

As you identify opportunities you wish to consider for possible bid, you can easily add them directly to a pipeline as Pursuits. Each Pursuit page becomes a collaboration space for an individual opportunity review and proposal development effort. 

Begin by identifying an Opportunity that you wish to add to your Pipeline as a Pursuit. These would be items you would find via Federal Contract Opportunity search or Federal Grant Search

On each opportunity page, there is a Pursuits button in the upper right corner. When you click that button you are presented with two options.

  • Add as new Pursuit - Creates a new Pursuit in a Pipeline based on the Opportunity
  • Link to existing Pursuit - Links the Opportunity to an existing Pursuit that you select

Select Add as new Pursuit and you are presented with a pop up modal. You must complete the information in the first two tabs in order to finish creating the Pursuit.

Assign Tasks to your Team Members

In addition to and integrated with Pipeline management, GovTribe offers a complete Task management system. Tasks can be created within any Pursuit, assigned to a team member, and tracked against due dates. Any user can also manage their own Tasks across the entire account through the Task viewer.

To create a new task, go to the Tasks tab of any Pursuit in any of your Pipelines. Then click the Add Task button - the button with the + symbol.

Fill out all fields in the pop-up modal that appears. The Name, Due Date, and Owner (the person responsible for completing the task) are required. You can also add a description and tags, which are useful when searching or filtering Tasks. 

Research Active or Past Awards

In addition to contract and grant opportunities, GovTribe also has information about current and past contract and grant awards and spending. You can use this information to research a market segment, find information about currently active or upcoming expiring contracts or grants, or investigate competitors and incumbents. 

Award information is searchable via four search pages on GovTribe, sorted under the Awards section of the navigation menu.

The first three items of this menu section are related to federal contracts, and enable you to search the three levels of the Federal Contract Award Data Hierarchy. The fourth item enables you to search Grant Awards.

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