In addition to and integrated with Pipeline management, GovTribe offers a complete Task management system. Tasks can be created within any Pursuit, assigned to a team member, and tracked against due dates. Any user can also manage their own Tasks across the entire account through the Task viewer.

This video provides a short demonstration of how to create, assign, manage, and complete tasks on GovTribe. A written description with screenshots is below.

Creating and Assigning Tasks

To create a new task, go to the Tasks tab of any Pursuit in any of your Pipelines. Then click the Add Task button - the button with the + symbol.

Fill out all fields in the pop-up modal that appears. The Name, Due Date, and Owner (the person responsible for completing the task) are required. You can also add a description and tags, which are useful when searching or filtering Tasks. 

After you click OK, you will see the task appear under the Tasks tab of the Pursuit. You can edit the task using the Edit button. To mark the task as complete, select it by clicking the check box on the left side of the Task box, and then select Complete from  the Mark As list on the right.

Searching and Managing your Tasks

In addition to viewing Tasks in the context of the Pursuit with which the are associated, you can also view and search all Tasks across all Pipelines and Pursuits from the Tasks menu item under My GovTribe.

From the Tasks search page you are able to search all Tasks by keyword. You can also filter tasks by their completion status, by due date, by Pipeline, by the Task owner, or using tags.

Using the Tasks Widget on the Dashboard

Your Dashboard on GovTribe has a number of boxes (or widgets) that visualize key pieces of information about your account content or your company's contract history.

The Tasks Due Soon box shows you all Tasks across your Account that are due soon, along with the owner of the Task.

You can quickly Add a Task using the + Task button in the upper right corner. You can filter to just the Tasks that are assigned to you by clicking on Mine. And you can change the timeframe using the dropdown menu in the bottom center of the Tasks box. Clicking on More > will take you to the main Tasks search page.

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