At any time, you can view and access your Saved Searches via the Saved Searches menu item under My GovTribe in your side menu.

This menu item will take you to a list view of your Saved Searches, from which you can:

  • View your saved search to see the most recent updates
  • Edit the title or notification preferences of your saved search
  • Delete your saved search

Changing Notification Preferences

To modify the notification preferences on a saved search, choose the Edit option. You will see a pop up window that allows you to make those changes.

Understanding Notification Emails

Based on your settings, you will receive email updates instantly, daily, or weekly. You will only receive an email if there is new activity. So, for example, if you have a daily alert and there was no activity in the previous 24 hours, you will not receive an email notification for that Saved Search.

When there is new activity, you will receive an email notification that looks like this:

The purpose of the emails is threefold:

  1. To notify you that you have new activity on a Saved Search
  2. To let you know the number of updates
  3. To provide a direct link to those updates on your account

In order to view your updates, simply click on the colored number badge for the associated Saved Search. (In the above example, that would be the orange number 6.) Doing so opens up a browser window and loads the associated search page on GovTribe with the search parameters for that search already set. There will be a status bar at the top of the page indicating that you are viewing one of your saved searches. 

The search results shown on the page will be only the "New Results" that were indicated in the notification email you received. To see all results for that same set of search criteria, simply click the "Close" button on the Saved Search status bar as pictured above. All of the saved search parameters will remain, but you will no longer be filtered to just the most recent updates.

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