Pipelines on GovTribe contain Pursuits, and each Pursuit represents an individual opportunity at some stage of the review, response, or bid process. 

Pursuits can be created from an Award record that you find on GovTribe. The most common circumstance under which you will typically create a Pursuit from an Award is that the Award is a very early stage, possible recompete opportunity. That is, the work being performed under that existing contract or grant is a continuing requirement, and you expect it to be re-bid after the current period of performance. 

This short video shows you how to create a new pursuit from an award. A written walkthrough with screenshots is also included below.

When you link an Award to a Pursuit, that relationship appears under the Recompetes tab of the Pursuit. It is a contract or grant that you expect to be up for competition again in the future.

Creating a New Pursuit from an Award

Begin by identifying an Award that you wish to add to your Pipeline. These would be items you would find via one of the following search pages:

On each Award page, there is an Add to Pipeline button in the upper right corner. When you click that button you are presented with a list of your Pipelines.

(Note that this button also appears in the lower right corner of each Award on in the search results view of any of the Award search pages listed above.)

Simply select the Pipeline to which you'd like to add this new opportunity. It will be added to the Triage stage in that Pipeline. The Triage stage exists in all Pipelines by default, and serves as an initial entry point for all new Pursuits. (Learn more about Triage.)

You will then be shown a confirmation dialogue box. Click the Close button to remaining on the current page and continue browsing for more opportunities. Or you can select View Pursuit if you want to be redirected to the new Pursuit page in your Pipeline that you just created for the opportunity.

Note: If you do not already have Pipelines

If you click the Add to Pipeline button and you have not yet created any Pipelines, you will be presented with a pop-up box inviting you to create one.

After you complete the requested information to set up a Pipeline, your opportunity will be added to it as a new Pursuit in the Triage stage, and you will be presented with the same confirmation dialogue box shown above.

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