In this GovTribe Overview video series, I provide a full walkthrough of the GovTribe platform. The topics covered include how to navigate the site, managing your account, setting up your dashboard, finding opportunities, using Saved Search, managing Pipelines, creating and assigning tasks, conducting market research, and more.

The site demo is split into five parts for ease of viewing but was originally recorded as one, 30 minute presentation. 

Part 1: Navigating GovTribe
I provide a full walkthrough of the navigation side menu. I explain what kind of information can be found on GovTribe and how to use each search page to find opportunities and conduct research.

Part 2: Account Management and Inviting Users
I show you how to access your profile and account settings, what account management features are available, and I demonstrate how to invite other users to your account (even during your free trial).

Part 3: Using the Dashboard
I demo the GovTribe Dashboards, walking through each widget and explain how to customize and interact with the information displayed.

Part 4: Introduction to Pipelines, Pursuits, and Task Management
I provide a high-level introduction to the Pipeline Management tools, including how pipelines work, how to add and use Pursuits, and how to create and manage Tasks. You may also want to review our more comprehensive video series on Pipeline Management.

Part 5: Saved Searches and Search Notifications
I demonstrate how to create and save useful search queries, and how to set up search notification preferences in order to receive email alerts when new opportunities or awards are posted. You may also want to review our more comprehensive video series on Finding Opportunities, which includes a deeper dive on Saved Searches.

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