Your Dashboard is a live updating, real-time snapshot of your federal contracting (and grant-making) activity. It provides you immediate insight into what you and your team are working on right now, as well as higher-level understanding of your company's active contracts and performance history.

Here is a short video walkthrough demonstrating how to customize, interact with, and interpret your dashboards, A written article with screenshots is below. 

Step 1 - Identifying your Company

GovTribe uses information we know about your company (along with your browsing activity) to deliver targeted, actionable information to your Dashboard and your inbox. Most of the time, we're able to identify your company automatically using your email domain. If we were able to do so, your company name appears on your Dashboard.

If we were unable to identify your company automatically, it may be because you didn't sign up with your company email address. We recommend you switch the email address associated with your account to your company email to improve opportunity recommendations and to activate all of your Dashboard functionality. You can change your email address from your profile settings, accessible from the menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you have used your company email address and we were still unable to assign a company (or we have assigned the wrong company), please email us at We can manually assign a company to your account.

Step 2 - Enjoy

The Dashboard contains six (6) boxes that show you information about your market, your company, or your pipelines.

Recommended Federal Contract Opportunities

The Recommended Federal Contract Opportunities box shows you a list of currently open federal contract opportunities (in the pre-solicitation or solicitation phase) that GovTribe is recommending for your company. 

Recommended opportunities are based on a combination of your company's contract award history, as well as the browsing behavior of you and your team on GovTribe. Click on the title of any opportunity to view the details. To view the full list of recommended opportunities, click the More button at the bottom of the box. That will take you to the Federal Contract Opportunity search page

Tasks Due Soon

The Tasks Due Soon box shows you all Tasks across your Account that are due soon, along with the owner of the Task.

You can quickly Add a Task using the + Task button in the upper right corner. You can filter to just the Tasks that are assigned to you by clicking on Mine. And you can change the timeframe using the dropdown menu in the bottom center of the Tasks box. Clicking on More > will take you to the main Tasks search page.

Pursuits Due Soon

The Pursuits Due Soon box shows you all of the Pursuits across your Account that are due soon, as well as the owner.

You can quickly Add a Pursuit, filter to just Pursuits that are assigned to you, and change the timeframe.

Contracts Ending Soon

The Contracts Ending Soon box shows you all of the Federal Contract Awards for your company that are ending within the selected timeframe. This is a great way to start filling up your Pipelines with recompetes!

You can quickly change the timeframe or click through to see all Federal Contract Awards for your company.

Funding By Agency

The Funding By Agency box shows the breakdown of funding by Federal Agency for your company, during the selected timeframe.


The Funnel chart shows you the value, probability of win, and stage of all active Pursuits across your Account.

You can quickly add a Pursuit, filter to Pursuits that are assigned to you, or click "More" to see a listing of all Pursuits. 

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