This video series is intended to provide a full video tutorial on managing your business development pipeline with GovTribe. See the Related Articles at the bottom of the page for links to written walkthroughs with screenshots, if you prefer that to video.

Part 1: Adding Users and Collaborating with Users

In this section, we cover how to add users to your account and how content sharing works on GovTribe.

Part 2: Creating a Pipeline

In this section, we demonstrate how to create a new pipeline, how to modify stages, and how templates work.

Part 3: Adding Pursuits to Pipelines

Part 3 is split into three short videos, covering the three ways to add Pursuits to Pipelines:

  1. Creating a Pursuit from an Opportunity
  2. Creating a Pursuit from an Award
  3. Creating a Pursuit Manually

3a - Adding from an Opportunity

3b - Adding from an Award

3c - Manual Pursuit Creation

Part 4: Linking to an Existing Pursuit

In this section, I cover how and when you might need to link an Opportunity or an Award to an existing Pursuit in one of your Pipelines.

Part 5: Pipeline Triage and Stages

In this section, I discuss the purpose and use of the Pipeline Triage stage, as well as how to move Pursuits in and out of Triage.

Part 6: Navigating and Using Pursuits

In this section, we walk through all of the components of a Pursuit and explain how to use and understand everything you see on a Pursuit page.

Part 7: Task Management

Included within each Pursuit is the ability to create, assign, and manage tasks. In this section, we demonstrate how Task Management related features work.

Part 8: Pipeline Reporting and Best Practices

This section begins with a discussion of implementing human processes around business development pipeline management. We then go into how to use GovTribe's reporting tools to track pipeline performance and how to use it to refine your real world processes.

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