Pipelines on GovTribe contain Pursuits, and each Pursuit represents an individual opportunity at some stage of the review, response, or bid process. 

Pursuits can be created from (or linked to) a contract or grant Opportunity notice (i.e. an existing pre-solicitation or solicitation) that you find on GovTribe. Or they can be created from (or linked to) a contract or grant Award that you find on GovTribe.

For every Pursuit that exists on your account, you are able to receive instant email notifications about any updates. This is true for Pursuits in all Pipeline stages, including Triage

How to Turn on Notifications

Pursuit notifications are controlled at the Pipeline level. You can control whether or not you will receive notifications for a Pipeline by modifying your Notification Settings. This is done from the drop-down menu at the top of any given Pipeline. 

After selecting the Notification Settings menu item, you are presented with a pop-up modal with a single toggle switch which controls notifications for that Pipeline.

Toggle it to green to turn notifications ON.
Toggle it to gray to turn notifications OFF.

Understanding your Notifications

All pursuit notification emails are essentially the same. The email will identify the Pursuit, by name, that has recently been updated. And a button link to that Pursuit will be provided.

 Click the button in the notification email to go to that Pursuit. Then review the activity feed on the left side of the screen to see what has been updated.

Types of Pursuit Updates

Pursuit updates are sent every time there is a new entry in the activity feed of the Pursuit. This includes any update by the government to any linked Opportunities or Awards. Such as:

  • A change of due date for a solicitation
  • New files or amendments
  • An update to the synopsis of an opportunity
  • A spending change on a linked Award
  • An extension to the period of performance for an Award

Update notifications are also sent about user-generated activity on the Pursuit. That is, if any of your team members modifies the pursuit, you will be notified. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Moving the Pursuit from one stage to another
  • Changing Details like Due Date, P-Win, Estimated Value, or Description
  • Adding a new discussion or comment
  • Adding new files
  • Creating or modifying a Task on the Pursuit
  • Linking the Pursuit to an Opportunity or Award

In short, any change by either the government or a user on your account - anything that creates new "activity" on the Pursuit - will result in an email notification to any account members who have notifications turned on for that Pipeline.

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