GovTribe Support is available to site users during east coast business hours (9-5 M-F Eastern time, non-holiday). 

Why to Contact GovTribe Support

GovTribe Support is available to assist users with any number of questions related to:

  1. Navigating the website
  2. Using and configuring GovTribe tools and features
  3. Understanding and interpreting government data and information
  4. Managing your GovTribe account and subscription
  5. Requesting a demo
  6. Making any other inquiries about GovTribe, our subscription, or our services
  7. Any other questions about GovTribe features, information, services, or subscriptions.

How to Contact Support

Different modes and levels of support are available to users based on their subscription plan. 

Email Support is available to all users and visitors. You can contact GovTribe by emailing at any time. This is also the best way to reach us with a demo request.

Live Support is available to users subscribed to the Standard or Premium plans via web chat or scheduled phone meetings. This includes Free Trial users, who are on the Standard Plan. (Solo plan users have access to Email support only.)

Tiers of Support

The type of support available, as well as response times, vary based on the plan to which you are subscribed. Read more about each plan:

Solo Plan

The Solo plan is the lowest subscription tier and the least expensive plan. The only support available to Solo plan subscribers is Email support

Standard Plan

The Standard plan includes our Standard On-boarding and Training support package in addition to Live Support.

Premium Plan

The Premium plan includes our Premium Concierge Service support package in addition to Live Support.

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