How to Contact Support

There are three modes for contacting GovTribe for support: Email, Web Chat, and Phone/Web Meetings. In this article we're discussing live support through web chat, phone, and web meetings.

Web Chat

All users at the Standard and Premium levels have access to live web chat support via the chat launcher in the lower right corner of the screen across the GovTribe website. The Solo plan does not include live web chat support. 

Once you open the launcher, you can either start a New conversation, or you can do a quick keyword search of our help documentation for an answer to your question.

Chat support is monitored during east coast business hours - approximately 9 am to 5 pm, M-F except for holidays. Responses can typically be expected in 30 minutes or less, and are usually much faster.

Phone/Web Meetings

All users at the Standard and Premium levels can also schedule live support calls with GovTribe support. The Solo plan does not include live phone or web meeting support. 

Our live support calls are delivered via Zoom Meeting to allow for screen-sharing and video recordings. GovTribe does not have a general customer support phone number. Messages left on our corporate phone number are not routed to support, so please do not call that number with support- or account-related questions. 

All phone and web support meetings are scheduled in advance via Calendly. If you would like to schedule a conversation with GovTribe support, you can access our scheduler here:

Schedule a 15 Minute Support Call with GovTribe

We recommend contacting us via chat or email prior to scheduling the phone meeting, if at all possible. Most issues can be addressed more quickly in that manner.

Note that this calendar should not be used for demo requests, which require a longer meeting. If you would like to schedule a demo, please email us at or start a conversation on chat.

Why to Contact Support

GovTribe Support is available to assist users with any number of questions related to:

  1. Navigating the website
  2. Using and configuring GovTribe tools and features
  3. Understanding and interpreting government data and information
  4. Managing your GovTribe account and subscription
  5. Requesting a demo
  6. Making any other inquiries about GovTribe, our subscription, or our services

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