You are able to export information you find on GovTribe out to a spreadsheet from every search page accessible in your side menu. For example, you can export a list of opportunities from the Federal Contract Opportunity search page, a set of contract spending data from the Federal Contract Award search page, or a list of company information from the Vendor search page. 

How to Export Data

Basically, on any time you see the following icon, you can click it to download the current list of whatever you are looking at to spreadsheet.

The resulting spreadsheet is delivered to you in two ways simultaneously. First, if you watch the lower right corner of your screen you will see a download link pop up as soon as the file is ready.

You will also receive an email with the download link in case you miss the pop-up on the page. 

Data Export Record Limits

The amount of data you are able to download at one time varies based on your subscription plan. The limits are as follows:

Note that the data export record limits are per export. There are no limits on the total number of times you can perform a data export, and there is no aggregate record limit on exports. 

For example, if you do a filtered search on the Federal Contract Opportunities search page, just above the list of search results you will see something like the following, which shows you how many records are in that set of results.

This tells me that my current query has about 1,700 results. In order to export this search to a spreadsheet I would need to be on the Standard plan or the Premium plan. If I was on the Solo plan, I would get a pop-up notification like this:

What to do if you hit an export limit?

If you have a query that you really want to export but it has more records than allowed by your current plan, you have two options. The first is to upgrade to the plan that allows you to export your desired query. You can upgrade at any time from your account settings while logged in.

Your second option is to modify your query parameters to get under the limit. For example, let's say your query is looking at all contracts awarded to a specific company by HHS and there are 65 results. You are on a Solo plan, so your export limit is 50 records. In order to export this data, you can try adding an Ultimate Completion Date filter to narrow the search to just the contracts that are still active. First export that, smaller, list. Then modify the filter to view just the contracts that have already ended. Then export that list. 

This is a simple work-around if you don't need to regularly export above your limit.

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