All GovTribe users are automatically presented with Recommended Federal Contract Opportunities. These are posted federal contract opportunities that our machine learning algorithm has matched to you based on:

  1. Your company's attributes
  2. Your company's prime and sub contract award history
  3. Your browsing behavior on GovTribe
  4. The browsing behavior of other members of your account on GovTribe

Where can you view Recommended Opportunities?

You can view these recommendations in three places.

First, on your Dashboard there is a box that shows you your current recommendations. This is so you can quickly see if we've identified anything new that we have matched to your interests.

Second, when you click on the Federal Contract Opportunities search page, the search results area shows Recommended Opportunities by default before you have entered any search criteria.

And lastly, you will receive a daily email with your latest Recommended Opportunities.

How can I improve my Recommended Opportunities?

Recommendations are driven to a great degree by what you look at and add to your Pipelines on GovTribe. So the most effective way to improve your recommendations is to use the GovTribe website. Click on and view the Federal Contract Opportunities that match your interests, and click through on any of the Similar Opportunities that show up on those opps that match your interest.

The more you and your team use the site for the purpose of identifying opportunities, the more tuned to your interests our recommender will become.

Can I dismiss/downvote, favorite, otherwise fine tune Recommended Opportunities?

Not at this time, no. This is a relatively new and popular feature and we are making constant changes and improvements based on your feedback. Stay tuned for more to come!

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