Note: Access to the API is controlled via OAuth Access Tokens. If you're not familiar with how they work, take a moment to read up on them. Here's the API's full documentation.

Let's start by creating a GovTribe account. Once you login to GovTribe, visit the developer portal by going here or clicking on your avatar at the top right-hand side of the screen:

From there, you can create an API Access Token. We use OAuth Access Tokens to control access to the GovTribe API. You should send this token with each request your application makes to the GovTribe API. 

Click "Create" to generate a new token:

Make sure to keep a record of the token; you'll only be able to see it once. Next, head over to the GovTribe API Documentation. Click the green "Authorize" button to link the Documentation's API Console to your new token. Paste the token into the modal's value field:

Click "Close". You might notice that the "Authorize" button now displays a closed padlock icon. That means you are ready to go! 

Let's make a request. The first one listed in the documentation is "Get a list of Federal Agencies Resources":

Click "Try It Out" to see the request and response:

Questions? @govtribe
Bugs? GovTribe/api

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