GovTribe now integrates directly with you Salesforce pipeline, opportunity lists, and contact lists. Do your federal contract opportunity research on our user friendly platform. Then add them to your Salesforce pipeline with one click.

What is the Salesforce Opportunity Connector?

The GovTribe platform has as a core feature an integrated pipeline management tool. If you are not already required to use an external pipeline system, GovTribe can meet those needs as part of the core product. 

However, we understand that some organizations have already invested in Salesforce and prefer to organize their pipeline management activities there. For those users, GovTribe has released the GovTribe Opportunity Connector in the Salesforce App Exchange. 

The GovTribe Opportunity Connector enables users on GovTribe to add opportunities identified on GovTribe directly to Salesforce, circumventing our in-platform pipeline tool. Put simply, when active, it replaces the following usual "Add to Pipeline" buttons that exist on every Federal Contract Opportunity:

with an "Add to Salesforce" button. 

When clicked, a new opportunity is created in your Salesforce pipeline, and associated accounts (federal agencies) and points-of-contact are linked automatically.

What to do in Salesforce

Search for GovTribe in the Salesforce App Exchange.

From the app listing, click the Get it Now button to start a 14 day free trial of the GovTribe Opportunity Connector.

During your free trial you'll be able to fully test the functionality of the Opportunity Connector. A GovTribe representative will contact you before the end of your trial to determine how many users your license should cover, and to handle billing.

What to do on GovTribe

You also need to enable the connection to Salesforce from your GovTribe account. Note that only one GovTribe account member needs to enable the connection, which will apply to the whole account.

To enable the GovTribe Opportunity Connector on the GovTribe website, go to Integrations from the settings and account menu in the upper right corner of the page while on GovTribe.

 You will be taken to the integrations page containing the following block.

Click the Install button, and then click OK on the subsequent confirmation dialog box. 

A new tab will open prompting you to login to Salesforce, if you are not already logged in. (Note that, at this point, if you wish to install the GovTribe Opportunity Connector in your Sandbox Salesforce environment, rather than your Live environment, you should change the URL from to

After logging in you will be asked to confirm that you wish to allow GovTribe access to Salesforce in order to enable the Connector app.

At this point, GovTribe has re-configured to allow for pushing opportunities into your Salesforce account. The Add to Pipeline button has been hidden and the Add to Salesforce button is now in its place. 

Modifying Pipeline Controls

You can, if you wish, show the controls for the GovTribe Pipeline tool in addition to the Add to Salesforce functionality. This is if you wish to continue using GovTribe Pipelines while retaining the ability to ALSO push opportunities into Salesforce.

To to this, return to the Integrations page from the Settings and Account menu. 

On the Integrations page, click the Configure button in the box for the Salesforce integration. The following dialog box will pop-up.

Uncheck Hide Standard Controls and click OK

Now, when you view an Opportunity on GovTribe, you will be able to add the Opportunity to a GovTribe Pipeline, and/or push that Opportunity into Salesforce.

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